Suruhu / Water spirit



The water, which used to be collected in the cistern for centuries, is now introduced to the space again in form of water particles. This creates a spatial experience which unveils as one walks through the space.

SU RUHU is the second exhibition by Istanbul-based art initiative YOĞUNLUK, who focuses on the relation between art and space. SU RUHU was created by Buşra Tunç, Nezih Vargeloğlu and İsmail Eğler within the conceptual framework established by YOĞUNLUK.

Text and Conceptual Framework

Nil Aynalı Eğler

Buşra Tunç
Nezih Vargeloğlu
İsmail Eğler


Elif Tekir

Graphic Design

Julia Shafer

Technical Supervisor

Sergen Tertemiz

Photos by: İsmail Eğler, Buşra Tunç

Commisioned by: Vitra

Thanks to: Nakkaş Rug