Microtopos attempts to reinvestigate Istanbul beyond what we see with our eyes and perceive as realities; it attempts to have us re-experience the city on a microscopic scale. Micro-topographies are created through third dimensional information configured by analyzing sound data of the metropolis. The micro-scale is experienced through lenses that stand between the eye and the model. These lenses act as tools that rebuild our perceptions as they expose details of reality in different scales. Micro-topographies are individually handcrafted with metal as the material. With this, reality that has already transformed into digitalized numerical data, now gets rebuilt three-dimensionally through analog methods and form the scale our perception demands. Each time lenses stand between the eye and the object, the scale of the object and perception differs.

Concept and Design: Buşra Tunç

Motion and Sound Design: Candaş Şişman

Conceptual Text: Gizem Kaya

Sound records: Candaş Şişman

Thanks to: Naim İkizlerli, Deniz Kader, Mert Şırlakçı, Atolye Istanbul, Hikmet Mizanoğlu, Mamutart Project.